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5 Top Tips to Ease a Teething Baby

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5 Top Tips to Ease a Teething Baby

5 Top Tips to Ease a Teething Baby
Although it’s inevitable, teething can be horrible for both you and baby. Not only is it tough knowing your little one is in discomfort, but the constant dribble and having to change bibs every five minutes to savour that cute outfit can just get tiresome.

Babies can start teething as early as 2 months, but as goes with everything not just teething, every baby is unique so they will all experience teething at different ages.

Here are our tried and tested top tips that have eased my baby nephews teething woes and will hopefully relieve your teething baby as well.

Firstly, below are some common symptoms and signs that a baby is teething:

  • Red and inflamed gums. Your baby’s teeth are trying to push their way out after all!
  • Fussiness and disrupted sleep from irritation
  • Biting and sucking everything in sight including trying to fit their whole fist in their mouth… Yep that’s normal!
  • As already mentioned, a lot of dribbling (a.k.a The Dribble Monster) which can lead to diarrhoea
  • Reduced appetite if already introduced to solids as munching on food is less attractive
  • The teething fever
  • Possibly a rash around the mouth/neck due to excess dribbling irritating the skin. Make sure to wipe away the dribble
  • Ear pulling

When it comes to teething, there are definitely a few things that it’s good to avoid:

  1. Citrus fruit, anything acidic, or anything that is too spicy or salty as it could aggravate those sore gums
  2. Foods that contain lots of sugar to avoid tooth decay
  3. Over-the-counter teething gels and liquid for under two’s
  4. Homeopathic remedies which haven’t been fully tested

Five Top Tips to Try with a Teething Baby:

  1. Gum massage with a clean finger or toothbrush to help soothe.
  2. Make your own teething biscuits (if already introduced to solids) as shop bought ones can contain refined sugars and often lack nutritional benefits due to high processing. There’s a great recipe in the Young Gums cook book using only two ingredients.
  3. Soft silicone teething toys/ring. This can be put in the refrigerator but please not the freezer as frozen rings become too firm for your little one and may bruise their delicate gums. The extreme temperature could also lead to frostbite on your baby’s lips or gums.
  4. Cold (not frozen), wet washcloths for baby to chew.
  5. Distractions to take their mind off it. It could be playing with their favourite toy, going outside, singing to your baby or dancing with them to some music. A simple yet effective method that is good for both baby and parent!

Hopefully by having these tips and tricks in your toolbox you can be a little more equipped, prepared and confident when the time comes, making the process slightly easier on you both.

Good luck from Melissa and Judy!

5 Top Tips to Ease a Teething Baby

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