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Baby’s First Easter Guide

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Baby’s First Easter Guide

Baby’s First Easter Guide

Easter is a special and exciting time for a family, especially when there’s a baby involved. I always remember from my childhood how fun Easter hunts were with all my friends in our garden, although for my poor parents it meant a lot of hand painting hard boiled eggs which they would be stumbling across in the garden for years to come! The (sometimes) warmer weather (we like to be optimists), adorable outfits, and lots of family time are ideal for making memories with a new member of the family. Ok, baby might be too young for Easter egg hunts or spring arts and crafts, it’s always nice to sprinkle a little Easter magic for the whole family, baby included.

Of course Easter this year will be a little different with us all being confined to our households, so we’ve rounded up a few ideas of how you can celebrate Easter, whether its sending a gift to your new-born niece whom you sadly can’t spend the day with, or activities to do with the kids now all at home. There are little ways you can still sprinkle the Easter spirit into the day.

1.Plant some seeds
One lovely way to get the kids involved (and let’s face is the main reason is to occupy them) is to plant some seeds. Whether it’s flowers, herbs or fruits, simply take an old plastic fruit container (like the ones strawberries come in) and fill with potting mix and some seeds of choice. Then spritz with water, close the lid of the container (if it has one) as it acts like a greenhouse keeping the soil moist and then wait! This ‘Plant a Bunny’ available at Not on the High Street is also a lovely gift to send to those you can’t be with this Easter.

Easter, being essentially about rebirth, makes this an especially relevant activity. Baby can ‘help’ too by patting down soil or pushing down a seed.

Baby’s First Easter Guide
2. Let baby feast

If your baby is eating solids (our nutritionist recommends at around six months providing baby meets our checklist for readiness – sign up to our mailing list to receive our free weaning ebook which covers this), then let them try a bit of what you’re having at your Easter feast. Maybe you’re having spring chicken with seasonal veg, so just blend a little up to the right consistency for your baby and they’ll feel excited to be in on the fun.

3. Easter Books

While the older kids are having fun with Easter crafts and activities, why not spend time reading to your baby. There is a range of Easter-themed books available, some include:

4. Easter Songs

Babies love music! And thankfully, they don’t care if you’re awful at singing. They just enjoy the sound of your voice as well as the rhythm of the music. They especially love having your full attention and spending time quality with you.

Stick on a YouTube or Spotify playlist and sign until your hearts content!

5. Dress The Part

Okay, we know that the best part of seasonal holidays is dressing up your baby in the most gorgeous little outfit for those photo opportunities. Here are some of our favourites:

6. Decorate the house with Easter decorations
A lovely way to get the family involved is decorating the house with Easter decorations. Older ones might want to make bunting, paint eggs or make their own Easter tree with twigs from the garden, but baby can still be involved too! This gorgeous Baby’s First Easter Decoration available from Not on the High Street is a great way to remember this milestone, plus it would look fab on your Easter tree the kids have made!
Baby’s First Easter Guide
7. Give the gift of time!

Why not look after your loved ones who might be struggling with working from home as well as a little one to look after by sending them a box of nutritionist-approved Sweet Pea Spoons baby meals! Or what about sending a food hug to your sister who doesn’t fancy leaving the safety of her home with her little one?

We deliver delicious baby meals straight to your door, so feeding your little one isn’t another thing you have to worry about in this unprecedented time.

Baby’s First Easter Guide

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