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All our meals are handmade by our founders and then frozen the day of cooking to retain the taste, texture and colour of each ingredient we use. Instead of using extreme heat or preservatives, our meals must be kept in the freezer to lock in nutrients.

When we are born, we have a natural preference for sweet foods as breastmilk is naturally sweet. This often means that bitter foods can take slightly longer for your baby to accept.

Did you know it can take as many as 15 tries of one ingredient before your baby may accept it?

Funny faces are pretty normal too, just be patient and keep trying. Over time your baby will start to become more familiar with the different tastes. It’s important to note that just like adults, babies’ preferences and appetites often change, so don’t be surprised if your baby will not eat today what they devoured yesterday.

Here at Sweet Pea Spoons, we always source our ingredients based on quality and locality. All of our vegetables are always organic from our local vegetable wholesaler, Langridge Organic. When it comes to meat, sometimes we have been disappointed with the quality of organic poultry etc and therefore we have decided to work closely with local British butchers and fishmongers whom we have built relationships with to bring you the best quality. Additionally, often local farmers with very high welfare standards and exceptional quality meat/fish cannot afford to become certified organic, meaning we wouldn’t be standing by a core value of ours. Our chicken is always free-range and our beef is always 100% grass-fed.

The ingredients list on our pots always highlights which ingredients are organic.

We take great care when preparing our food however we do not operate in an allergen free kitchen and therefore cannot guarantee that our products are free from particular allergens.

Our boxes, liners and pots can be recycled, please check with your local authority. The ice packs can be popped in your freezer and reused for picnics. The wool liners are perfect for a compost bin if you have one.

We do not offer finger foods at this time, but our 10+ months and 12+ months range contain chunkier textures to help with the transition to table food. Our fruit compote is perfect for spreading on toast soldiers as a finger food snack.

Our pots are one of our biggest pain points. To withstand the freezer temperatures, we currently have to use plastic BPA free pots that are fully recyclable, however as innovations develop, we will look to change our packaging to more sustainable options. In the rare case that the tamper evident seal is broken on the pots, then please do not use the product and contact us at melissa@sweetpeaspoons.com

Yes, our pots are recyclable! They’re actually pretty handy pots so you could reuse them.

Sweet Pea Spoons help busy parents have convenience without the compromise.

You can choose a subscription size based on the number of Sweet Pea Spoon meals you would like delivered. We currently offer boxes of 7, 14 or 21 meals. As standard, you will be sent a selection of meat, fish, vegetable and fruit pots but you can of course edit this selection if needed.

You select whether you want delivery once a week or every other week, but there’s no strings attached so you can pause or cancel anytime. We will send you a reminder on Monday’s before your next delivery comes to your doorstep (usually Thursday’s).

If you wish you pause your subscription to skip a delivery, you must do so by 10am on Tuesday’s for delivery that week.

As standard, you will be sent a selection of meat, fish, vegetable and fruit pots but you can of course edit this selection if needed. To do this please email melissa@sweetpeaspoons.com

Subscribing to Sweet Pea Spoons is very easy. Once you have told us a little about your baby and chosen your box size, you can choose whether you would like to receive your Sweet Pea Spoons meals every week or every other week.

Don’t worry there’s no commitment! You can pause or cancel your subscription whenever you need too (although we’re pretty confident you won’t want to after seeing how convenient our boxes are!).

Please note: If you wish you pause your subscription to skip a delivery or cancel your subscription, you must do so by 10am on the Tuesday before your delivery is due to arrive.

Orders must be placed by 10am on Tuesday for delivery that week (usually Thursday or Friday). If orders are placed after this time then we will try to get them to you by Friday, however if this is not possible then it will be delivered the following week.

Our menu changes with the seasons, so typically we will change the flavours every 3-4 weeks. Fresh produce doesn’t understand our Gregorian Calendar and simply refuses to stop and start growing on the first and last day of the month, so there is a degree of overlap from month to month meaning it’s not always set. As the majority of our ingredients are British where possible, the weather can also be quite unpredictable which can also have an effect on when seasons start and stop.

When selecting which size box you would like, you are also able change the selection of age range to suit the textures that your baby is able to manage. On this page there is a description for each age range to make it easier in determining which is right for you.

Please note: if opting for a more advanced texture and age group than your baby’s actual age, the portion size may be too much and vice versa.

Delivery to SW14 and most TW post codes is free for all box sizes. Delivery to any other post code is £4.99 for small boxes, and free for both medium and large boxes.

For local TW deliveries, Thursday is usually our delivery day however we are usually very flexible to suit you. For nationwide deliveries, the delivery day can vary weekly however it is usually Thursday or Friday. Our delivery partner will contact you the day of delivery with a two hour time slot.

For local deliveries, we will organise a convenient time with you. For other deliveries, you will receive your two hour window from our courier on the day of delivery.

We deliver to almost every corner of Great Britain! Unfortunately, our delivery currently excludes: Aberdeen, Argyll, Guernsey, Northern Highlands, Isle of Man, Arran, Orkney Shetland, and Dundee.

It is highly recommended but not absolutely necessary. We can leave the delivery outside your door or in a pre-arranged safe place (depending on outside temperature). While we use special packaging, our meals are delivered already frozen so there is a risk of defrosting.

In the worst case we may need to schedule a more suitable time: please kindly contact us on melissa@sweetpeaspoons.com to discuss if needs be.

No. Our highly effective, sustainable packaging will keep your food frozen for a full 24hours. If you are not home, your package will be left in a safe place and will stay frozen for the full day of delivery. In an ideal situation we would ask for someone to be in to accept the delivery, so they can immediately put the food in the freezer but we understand this isn’t always possible.

Our meals are suitable for post-first tastes, once your baby is used to fruit and veg purees. Government guidelines recommend that weaning should begin at around six months, however every baby is different so don’t stress. Look out for these readiness signs:

  1. They can sit upright in a highchair (with/without cushion support) and hold their head steady
  2. They have some control of their hand-eye coordination to enable them to bring food to their mouths
  3. They can swallow (i.e. tongue thrust has disappeared and baby is able to move it from side-to-side as well as forwards and backwards)
  • At 6-8 months your baby should be having solid foods 2/3 times per day with about 600ml of milk per day
  • At 9-11 months your baby should be having solid foods 3 times per day with about 400-600ml of milk per day
  • At 1-2 years your little one should be having 3 meals a day of solid foods plus 1-2 healthy snacks with about 400ml of milk per day
  • At 2 years your little one should be eating as per the rest of the family with 300ml of milk per day

Although we’re sure you’ll love the convenience of our delicious meals delivered to your door, we understand you need flexibility. You can pause your subscription at any time, for any length of time. Whether you’re on holiday or your little one’s appetite has changed recently, you’re in control. Similarly, you can cancel your subscription at any time.

Please note: the deadline for cut off is 10am on the Tuesday before your delivery is due to arrive.

If you have any questions regarding all things Sweet Pea Spoons please drop us a message at melissa@sweetpeaspoons.com and we’ll get in touch shortly!

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