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What's in season - AUBERGINE


What's in season - KALE


What's in season - SPINACH


What's in season - POTATOES


What's in season - STRAWBERRY



Benefits - Eye


Benefits - Brain


Benefits - Muscle


Benefits - Immunity


Benefits - Bone


Benefits - Heart


Benefits - Digestion


What People Are Saying

“Delicious healthy meals for my LO who absolutely loves them. Makes life a little bit easier!”


“Sweetpea Spoons continue to deliver a very convenient, community centred and friendly service. My 8 month old LOVES all the meals and it really puts my mind at ease knowing everything is organic. Thank you to Melissa and her Mum for always being so helpful and quick to endure my baby has a happy tummy!”


“Delicious and healthy baby food, great service and quick delivery! Excellent!!”


“Takes the stress away and frees up your day! Sweet Pea Spoons has really helped take the stress out of weaning and it is great to have a back up when you’ve had a particularly busy week. We recently moved house and I couldn’t have been more grateful for my Sweetpea Spoons delivery! The meals come so nicely packaged, clearly labelled and are easily stackable so they don’t take up too much room in the freezer. I find the website really easy to use and I love the seasonal calendar and range of flavours. Sweet Pea Spoons has helped me introduce my son to a wide variety of foods and flavours and has given me the confidence to be more adventurous in my own cooking. Thank you!”


“Really friendly business with delicious recipes. Always willing to help where they can, the team are currently delivering us dairy free recipes which is outside of their normal scope to do but is greatly appreciated. Great to have some back up to not spend all day cooking for everyone at home! Thank you!”


“Ordering and delivery was so easy and with a lovely personal touch. Delivery was scheduled easily and at the most convenient time for me, the delivery was made on time, well packaged, and with a smile! The pots are so cutely packaged, clearly and well labelled, and fit easily in my freezer. The instructions for storing and cooking were clear and easy to follow. The meals were delicious! So fresh, varied, vibrant, flavoursome, tasty, textured and nutritious. It was so convenient, reassuring, and guilt-free being able to give my little one a home cooked, nutritious, delicious meal within minutes. I also love the fact that all the packaging is recyclable and Sweet Pea Spoons offers a take back service. I highly recommend!”


“What a brilliant find Sweet Pea Spoons has been! Excellent customer service, great tasting food that really tastes home made and it is going down a storm with my 11 month old. My only wish is that Melissa and her team had been around when my older two children were younger – it would have made life so much easier!”


“What a find! Melissa and her little baby food company are amazing! The customer service has been outstanding and so personal, which in today’s fast paced, mass produced world that we live in is hard to find! My little boy has just tuned two and I was worried the food wouldn’t be suitable (texture wise) but it’s great! He loves it and has had a great time feeding himself! The food is delivered frozen, perfect portion sizes and comes well labelled and is super easy to heat and serve.”


“Absolutely amazing service nothing is too much trouble and people are wonderful. I arranged for the food to be dropped off at my home everything was clearly labelled and ready to freeze. My son is autistic so textures are hard and some foods he just won’t eat our ot he told me to try different foods and just put them next to him to have a play,taste,smell and just grow his confidence in food sweet pea spoons was amazing for this .”


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