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Our story

Freshly frozen baby meals delivered to your door

The idea for Sweet Pea Spoons was born 23 years ago, when Mummy Blake had Melissa. Being an advocate for high quality food with ‘no nasties’, Judy found it frustrating that there were no fresh, pre-prepared baby food options on the market for busy parents.

Judy decided to take matters in to her own hands and make all of Melissa’s baby food from scratch, but soon realised how time consuming and tiring this was. She could see that parents would benefit from having fresh, nutritious and tasty baby meals delivered to their door, but she just wasn’t sure how to turn her idea into a business.

Fast forward 23 years and baby Melissa had grown up, got herself a Business degree and developed a firm interest in nutrition. Like her Mum all those years ago, she began to realise that many parents want to feed their babies fresh, healthy meals, but the realities of a busy family life mean this can often be a struggle.

To Melissa’s surprise, parents still only have two options when it comes to baby food; make it from scratch yourself which is time consuming or buy commercially produced jars/pouches which compromise on quality.

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Using her new business knowledge and her passion for nutrition, Melissa decided to join forces with Judy and turn her Mum’s 23-year-old dream in to a reality. Their aim? To create a fresh baby meal delivery service and ensure that busy parents no longer have to sacrifice tasty, homemade food for the ease of mass produced, shop bought pouches.

Sweet Pea Spoons is here to make a difference to your life. To make feeding your baby that little bit easier. To provide an honest, handmade product that you can rely on. To increase your baby’s intake of vegetables and other essential nutrients. To be there for you when you need us most.

We get to do something we love, to help you feed someone you love.

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